Starbound Dance Competition


Starbound Dance Competition
March 14-16, 2014
Bayside Performing Arts Center, 2025 Kehoe Avenue, San Mateo

The competition schedule for Starbound is now available.  The schedule that Starbound releases is very general so I have gone through it and given each dance it’s specific competition and awards time.  Please arrive dressed and ready to go 1 hour prior to your dance’s competition time.  These events tend to run ahead of time.  If they call us to perform and you are not there we will have to go on without you.  Please remember that dressed and ready to go means in costume, with your hair and make-up done.

There are two documents attached to this email.  The first is the Starbound schedule by dance.  This is an alphabetical listing of all of the TDA dances and gives their competition time and awards time.  The second document is the Starbound schedule by day.  This is a listing of our dances that are competing each day.  You will notice that several dances may have the same competition time.  This is because Starbound only puts out a general schedule.  For instance, they will say all Junior solos in the Lyrical category are competing at 3:45.  They will have a specific schedule once we get to the competition, but for now, we have our general times.  Remember, you must be ready to dance one hour prior to your scheduled competition time.

Starbound is being held at the Bayside Performing Arts Center located at 2025 Kehoe Ave. in San Mateo.  Bayside is on a high school campus and there is limited parking on the street and in front of the school.  Usually they allow us to park on the blacktop behind the school.  Look for a driveway to the left of the theater to get to the back of the campus.  Once you arrive there should be signs directing you to the dressing rooms (in this case, classrooms).

If you have any questions at all about Starbound please don’t hesitate to ask.  The dancers have been working so hard and it’s exciting that our first competition is finally here!

See you all at Starbound!

Starbound Schedule By Day

Starbound Schedule By Dance